Thanks for your interest in our doorbell. Now, we would like to recommend the following services to you, due to their excellent services which we experienced personally:

1. Baby Shop SG

Baby Shop SG (website: is selling high quality baby products at the best price in town. They also offer delivery service at reasonable price, and the staff are very reliable, friendly and responsive.

There was a time where the staff willingly change meet-up location for my convenient. In other occasion, I also let her wait for quite some time because I was late for the appointment, and she is so understanding.

I got the cheapest diapers, telon oil and baby clothing from her. All items were received in good conditions.

You can check their website for more details. Satisfaction Guaranteed.


2. Alan Tan (Curtain)

His product is value-for-money, with good service. He quoted me $1,250 for 2 bedroom curtains, living room curtains, and frosted glass at bathroom. The curtain are 2 layers, which is day and night.

Give him three days, and he will get the curtain ready to install! (depending on availability)

You can leave me a message here if you need his contact.