1. How much is the total price including postage and batteries?
  • We will give you free postage and 2 AA batteries. Just simply like our facebook page here (www.facebook.com/doorbellsg) to redeem this offer!
  1. Is this the same wireless doorbell which I normally found in the convenience store?
  • No, it is not. This is a wired doorbell which requires cable connection to a switch.
  1. Do you have any other selection of wired doorbells?
  • For the time being, we only concentrate at 1 doorbell. This is because we believe that the one we offer has the highest quality and highest durability.
  1. I just bought a new Re-sale / BTO flat / Condo. Can I use this doorbell?
  • Yes, you can. The developer will provide the switch and the wire, which can be easily connected to this doorbell.
  1. How many batteries are required?
  • 2 pcs of AA Batteries. Free battery will be given, so the doorbell can be used immediately!
  1. How to install the doorbell? Do I need special hardware tools?
  • You can follow our step-to-step installation guide here. It is pretty easy, what you need is just the normal screwdriver.
  1. Do you offer installation service?
  • Yes, with small top-up depending on your location.
  1. What is the method of payment?
  • We accept bank transfer to POSB/DBS or OCBC. Please contact us for further discussion.
  1. Do you accept meet-up rather than postage?
  • Please contact us if you prefer to meet up.

Feel free to drop up a note here if you need further clarification