Testimonial (May’ 15)

Testimonial from our satisfied customers received on May 2015:

I can’t recommend this highly enough. When I went to normal shops, the usual Ding-Dong kind cost $35. This doorbell has so many melodies! My electrician later remarked that his house uses this brand too and it had lasted him 14 years so I really felt this was a good deal. Plus, processing was fast and he was kind enough to do a meet up coz I needed it urgently. Thank you so much!

Ms. Hu, Bugis

“ Its easy to fix, very effective, good sound system  and definitely value for money. “

MK, Singapore

“The bell is working as per what we show on the website. Easy installation. You can select to ding dong or melody. Thanks to Doorbell Singapore.”

Hendry, Woodlands

“Been using the doorbell for about 5 months and am please with the product. Reasonable price and easy installation. Seller was also quick to respond and did his follow up. Great after sales service.”

Andrea, Little India

“Great wired doorbell that is easy to operate and install. The loudness is good enough to be heard in the room even when it is placed in the kitchen. Highly recommended for those who are looking for a good wired doorbell.”

Yunn Boon, Little India

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