Testimonial (Oct’ 15)

Testimonial from our satisfied customers received on Oct 2015:

“We are very satisfied with the level of service provided by Doorbell Singapore.

When we first installed the doorbell, it appeared not to function as it should – we need to press it repeatedly before it rings. This is through no fault of the doorbell but the ageing wiring system in our house.

We were pleasantly surprised that Doorbell Singapore was keen to come down personally to look into the issue. A husband and wife team came, with a bubbly baby in tow :). They spent more than an hour trying to resolve the issue, e.g., even changing the whole unit. But since the issue is with the wiring, it could not be resolved. They did however manage to install the unit properly (as in tightly – this was quite a challenge due to the shape of the doorbell compartment in our home). I am so taken aback by their commitment as they tried all possible means to resolve the problem (for a doorbell that costs only ~ $30).

Finally, there is a happy ending – once the bell has been used for a couple of times, the wiring sort of righted itself. The bell can now function perfectly :).”

Niagara, Canberra Drive

“Very smooth transaction and bell works a trick”

Colin Chua, Singapore

“The bell works great, really simple instruction and easy to set up. It is loud enough to be heard behind closed doors. Might need more different tones as most of the songs are high pitch. Overall is a 4 star”

Kenneth Toh, Senja Road

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